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“Fitness Bread?”


Yummy brick of bread

Yummy brick of bread

Yep, there’s some stuff called Fitness Bread. A German company named Mestemacher makes it. I’ve been eating fitness bread for years but only recently thought to share it with you. Guess that makes me selfish. Sorry.

Basically, Fitness Bread is a pre-sliced, vacuum packaged, super dense brick of bread made from all natural/whole grains and packs a slew of healthy (and filling) ingredients including rye, oat kernels and wheat germ.  Wheat germ, for those of you that aren’t familiar, is very high in protein and contains more potassium and iron than any other food source.  Great for maintaining energy levels, Fitness Bread is also a source for vitamins A, B1 and B3.  All very good stuff.

The dirt: While Fitness Bread, is yummy it’s not the kind of bread you can make a sandwich with (in my experience). Since it’s made entirely of whole grains it’s very crumbly and strangely chewy. The best way to enjoy this bread is; toasted, slathered with nut butter, jam, honey, apple and/or banana slices is my recco. It’s also  good spread with a soft/mild cheese and pear slices.

Each slice of Mestemacher Fitness Bread contains: 120-calories/1g fat/24g carb/6g fiber/1g sugar/4g protein.

If you haven’t already done so, check this bread out. Let me know what you think.

P.s. You can buy this product by the case on, which I find amusing but unnecessary as it’s sold in most grocery stores here in CA. You can also buy the same bread under different names. Trader Joes even has a similar version.

Author: Kelley

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10 thoughts on ““Fitness Bread?”

  1. My parents are german so I have been eating this bread for years. I love it with a slice of gouda or the light havarti slices from Trader Joes or if I am being “bad” with proscuitto. I have found it at Fresh Market, and Cost Plus World Market too! Thanks for the post on it, I was actually some and decided to google it :)

  2. I loved eating this bread while visiting Germany since I was needing more fiber in my diet. It was delicious and flavorful. I’m not sure if everyone would like the strong rye flavors, but I liked it. Thanks for telling me more about it!

    • Hi Sonya, Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the bread! I think it’s yummy and there are a few different styles, something for everyone. Take care!


  3. Haha, we got a loaf of this at a local organic store. My mom tasted it and hated it, and then offered a small bit to the dog, who refused it! Luckily I got my hands on the loaf and frankly I think it’s delicious!

  4. I LOVE this bread, even the chewy texture! I usually toast the bread, add a thin slice of cheese or thin layer of butter, sliced cucumbers and tomato, and lots of pepper! This with a cup of green or white tea in the mornings is great! Never thought to add sweets to it…I think I’ll try that soon…

  5. I recently got on a health kick..dieting exercising. ..I have managed to lose 20 pounds so far. With that being said I really have been craving any kind of bread, but refuse to eat the typical type because it doesn’t help me..I stumbled across this german bread at my local Job Lot. It looked interesting and HEALTHY so I bought it..I am actually in the middle of eating my first piece..I put some of my apple butter on it, DELICIOUS!!!! I will definitely be buying more :)

  6. I love this bread!

  7. I’ve tried all their varieties and the Three Grain is my favorite and the Almone Sunflower Seed coming in second. I have never liked bread much but this this bread had become my standard breakfast food. It’s especially good with Eath Balance coconut and peanut spread..

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