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Stuff is just stuff but what’s the etiquette on borrowing?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately as I’m missing some things that I could really use about now. I guess I could ask for them back but I don’t think I should have to. I guess it’s just me, I tend to return the things that I borrow and I forget that not everyone thinks like that. You see, I once drove 100 miles out of my way to return a book.

Anyway, I was curious about how others felt about the etiquette of borrowing so I decided to ask Google. In the end I found only what I already knew, but managed to forget.

  • If you loan something out, don’t expect to get it back. If you cannot live with that thought, don’t make the loan.
  • If you borrow something, treat it as the most precious and valuable item on the planet. Even if it’s just a paperback book. Return the item promptly and heaven forbid, if you lose it or damage it, tell the truth. Then move heaven and earth to repair or replace it while apologizing profusely.
  • It is very important to remember that whenever we borrow things from others, it is essential that we promptly return the said item, without waiting for the day when the owner asks to collect it. At that point, the owner may already be irked or annoyed.

Somewhat satisfied with my findings, I’ve decided to let my missing things go, after all I don’t have to dust them anymore (I hate dusting!), and if I decide that I can’t live without them, I’ll simply go shopping (I love shopping!).

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend, see you on Monday…

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