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2 thoughts on “That is one crooked crack!

  1. I have this too. No scoliosis or other problems to date and I’m a 41 years old and female. What I am however, is self concious about it. Even though others have said it to be cute I do not agree. I have never liked it and have been considering plastic surgery. One bun is slightly smaller than the other and while I can accept the crooled crack, I hate the uneveness. There is no sense of urgency to have surgury because this is a very serious matter, the surgery that is, to consider. I do wonder if there is a surgeon that would consider pro bono corrective procedure, fat grafting maybe. Having an even and plump not big or huge butt would definaltely assist in feeling less self concious about this booty I was born with. Any suggestions or comments?

    • Gosh! I’m sorry your butt is such a bother to you. Frankly I am not a fan of going under the knife unless absolutely necessary and I can’t stress that enough. I sent your comment to Dr. Barbara, the chiropractor (her link is on my home page) and her reply is as follows: “For this person, she should first get an xray to see of she has a bony anomoly in her pelvic region. Especially before she goes under the knife to remove butt fat!!! There are several benign anomolies that are not scoliosis.”

      There you have it. Sorry I can’t be more help. Thank you for your comment and may good fortune to you!

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