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“Fitness Bread?”

Yummy brick of bread

Yummy brick of bread

Yep, there’s some stuff called Fitness Bread. A German company named Mestemacher makes it. I’ve been eating fitness bread for years but only recently thought to share it with you. Guess that makes me selfish. Sorry.

Basically, Fitness Bread is a pre-sliced, vacuum packaged, super dense brick of bread made from all natural/whole grains and packs a slew of healthy (and filling) ingredients including rye, oat kernels and wheat germ.  Wheat germ, for those of you that aren’t familiar, is very high in protein and contains more potassium and iron than any other food source.  Great for maintaining energy levels, Fitness Bread is also a source for vitamins A, B1 and B3.  All very good stuff.

The dirt: While Fitness Bread, is yummy it’s not the kind of bread you can make a sandwich with (in my experience). Since it’s made entirely of whole grains it’s very crumbly and strangely chewy. The best way to enjoy this bread is; toasted, slathered with nut butter, jam, honey, apple and/or banana slices is my recco. It’s also  good spread with a soft/mild cheese and pear slices.

Each slice of Mestemacher Fitness Bread contains: 120-calories/1g fat/24g carb/6g fiber/1g sugar/4g protein.

If you haven’t already done so, check this bread out. Let me know what you think.

P.s. You can buy this product by the case on, which I find amusing but unnecessary as it’s sold in most grocery stores here in CA. You can also buy the same bread under different names. Trader Joes even has a similar version.


Be extra nice day

I love you!

Yippee! Tuesday is Valentine’s Day! Why am I so excited? Well… in my mind Valentine’s Day is an excuse to be nice to someone you like. You don’t have to profess your undying love; you can simply be nice and show some warm-hearted affection. It’s also an excuse to be kind to yourself.

Last year this time I wrote about Valentine’s Day expectations and who Saint Valentine actually was. What I learned was that Saint Valentine was a priest turned saint who did kind things for single soldiers, that is until he pissed off Emperor Claudius II. What happened next, you can read for yourself.

So… again this year, I remind you to use this day to be extra good to yourself and to those who capture your attention. I suggest, luring your sweetie to a heart healthy pillow fight and/or, a long walk up and over some hills to visit your favorite ice cream shop. No sweetheart? Don’t need one, take yourself or a pal. If chocolate’s more your style than how about chocolate dipped strawberries? They’re a tad better for you than a truffle or hunk of Sees. Just sayin’…

Now giddy up and go engineer yourself a hot and healthy Valentine’s Day!


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Stupor Bowl Monday

Super Snackage

Did you watch the Super Bowl? I didn’t, I totally appreciate it but it’s just not my thing. I even got invited to a big party where they trucked in a special cast iron kettle the size of a washing machine to brew up a special Super Stew. Two weeks prior to the event the “chef” emailed a spreadsheet to his friends asking us to sign up for shifts to help chop veggies and stir the Super Stew. I couldn’t open the document but I think the concoction needed to be stirred constantly for something like 24 hours. It’s pretty nuts but after all, the Super Bowl requires super special snackage. Fortunately for me in this case, the kind hostess granted me a pardon recognizing I’d be happier using my time in a different fashion. Thanks Pen!

With the Super Bowl comes bowls of grub. The latest treat is something called Tater-Tot Nachos. Kinda sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen. Or, at the very least, an impending need to dig out the “fat jeans” and spend more time than usual on the potty… As much as I like the occasional greasy treat, more than a couple of Tater-Tot sponges would be a bad idea. But seriously, who’s thinking straight in the throes of the “big game” surrounded by hordes of friends, 7 Layer Dip, Buffalo Wings, beer, little hot dogs wrapped in pastry, beer, spinach dip, beer, pizza, and more beer. Even the toughest among us can only keep our hands in our pockets for so long. Eventually we all give in. It’s human nature (for most of us).

Oh well, now what? Rather than giving into Super  Stupor Monday, get right back on the wagon!

Kelley’s Super Stupor Recovery Recipe:

  • #1 Water yourself up like a Pony Express steed. Drink as much as you can manage the second you retain your senses. (Sure you can drink too much water but that’s not likely to happen).
  • #2 First thing in the AM, heave your carcass out of bed and go for a walk, run, ride, anything you can manage for AT LEAST 20 minutes. If you didn’t get out first thing in the morning, then get to it right after work.
  • #3 Eat as clean as you can. If you can manage it, eat nothing that has a label on it. At the very least try for 85% of your foods being whole (nothing processed or labeled). Got it?
  • #4 Wake up and do it again tomorrow. It just gets easier and you feel better and better from here… I swear!

P.s. If you liked this post you should read, “It’s a Gut Bomb!” I wrote it this time last year. Kinda amusing and helpful if you ate stuff that might cause you to “explode.”

P.s.s. When I was researching Tater-Tots I learned that there’s a guy in St. Paul that’s starting a food truck business that serves only Tater-tot stuff. He’s got things like, Nachos and Bacon rapped tots. Yikes! Good thing I don’t live in St. Paul cuz I might have to try the bacon rapped ones. Just once!

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Seriously, you want me to eat that?

Planet or fruit?

Ever eat a Pomelo or Oroblanco? You’d know it if you had because they’re about the size of a small child’s head, and they require quite a bit of peeling before you get to the yummy meat. Not an experience you’d quickly forget.

The other day after a workout Cindy offered me an Oroblanco. At first I was kinda taken back by the size, I imagined it would take me a week to eat so much fruit. But, after Cindy’s detailed instruction on how to dismantle the massive orb I was able to give it a try.

Basically the Oroblanco is sort of like a giant grapefruit, only it’s not nearly as bitter and has fewer seeds.  Don’t let the size frighten you. Once you peel past all the rind, the actual fruit is about the same size as a regular grapefruit. Kinda disappointing after all the work it takes to get there.

In spite of the extra work, I can say first-hand that the Oroblanco was definitely worth the extra effort (thanks Cindy!).

As far as the facts: Half an Oroblanco contains about 100 calories, is full of potassium, vitamin C and fiber. And… I would bet you burn about 100 calories busting into the thing, so… you’ve got a win-win situation on your hands! Serve Oroblanco and Pomelo just like you would any grapefruit.

Next time you see a yellow fruit the size of a head, take a chance and have a try! You’ll want to watch this short, 1-minute video on how to dismantle the sucker though… I’m not kidding!

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Almost too easy!

Magic Fruit

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I trust you’ll be getting outside and doing something exciting this weekend.

I thought I’d share a few simple weight loss tools I learned this week hoping to send you off for the weekend on the right foot.

  • Surely you remember that apples are full fiber (among other wonderful things). Due to this fact, research has shown that if you eat an apple every day before lunch, on an average you’ll eat 187 fewer calories at lunch, generating a loss of five pounds of weight per year. “Dieting” doesn’t get any easier than that!
  • Normally I don’t drink juice because it’s full of sugar, I learned (seems so obvious now) if you dilute your juice with half seltzer water to cut sugar and calories, you could lose 13 pounds in a year! Yow! You juice drinkers take heed!
  • You know you need to exercise, but did you know that if you workout just (fast walking counts) three times per week for just 30 minutes at a time you can lose 13 pounds a year. Imagine what you could do with a little more effort.

Enjoy your weekend, make it extraordinary!

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Things that go crunch


I first posted this piece, this time last year. Looking back at my year in blogging I realized that I’ve covered a shitload of topics and that my newest followers and clients have not been privy to some of my (in my mind) best work. That said, do me a favor and have a read, or read this post again. It’s got some smart ideas.

Popcorn – Popcorn is a whole grain that provides carbohydrates and fiber. One cup of air-popped popcorn contains only 31 calories, and when popped in oil is only 55 calories per cup. Stay away from the “butter” they slather all over it at the theater, that’s a whole different story. By the way, National Popcorn Day is January 19th 2012!

Leaves on the ground – Try this, it’s fun. First, think like a kid. See a leaf, step on it. Step on all the leaves you see on the sidewalk ahead of you. Unless the sidewalk is paved with leaves you’ll find that you have to zigzag and do some jumping.  It’s good for your agility, it’s fun and it burns more calories than just walking along. I do it all the time.

Lettuce – It’s popular these days to substitute lettuce leaves for bread when having a sandwich or even a burger.  Good idea for a change of pace but if you keep to whole grains you can have your bread and lettuce too.

Abdominal exercises – Okay so your abs don’t actually make a crunching sound but I’ve heard some other noises come out of people while doing ab work.  I suggest starting with as many crunches (any variety) as you can do at one time. Rest for a minute and then do it again. Do this three times.  The next day, do it again.

Toasted whole wheat bread – There’s nothing wrong with a piece of whole grain toast spread with a little nut butter before a morning workout or for an afternoon snack.

The sound a motorcycle makes when you back into it while parking – If this happens best not to panic. Get out of your car, assess the damage and leave a note containing your name and telephone number.  Then pray the owner’s not really big and really pissed.

Apples – You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the Dr. away. Make sure to eat the peel that’s where most of the fiber is.

Cereal – Choose a cereal containing whole grains and lots of fiber.  Breakfast cereals are good sources of vitamins and fiber. Watch the sugar level. The recommended amount of sugar consumed per day is a maximum of 12 teaspoons (48 grams).

Your ankle when Dr. Barbara adjusts it – Call me a dummy but I didn’t realize that I could go to a chiropractor to have my ankle adjusted. When I sprained it last month Coach B suggested that I do just that.  He was right, once the swelling went down Dr. Barbara gave it a little twist and the next day I was back on the prowl. Remember that.

Nuts – All nuts are yummy and contain lots of good things. Try Almonds as they’re full of fiber or Walnuts, which are high in fiber as well as omega 3’s, both good for heart health.  Personally I like Brazil nuts which contain high amounts of selenium. Selenium is shown to reduced risk of both breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Ice – Who doesn’t like to crunch on the ice in their glass after finishing a beverage (I like a Manhattan these days but I should probably suggest juice or water)? Crunching on the ice works your facial muscles and ice is water so that’s always a good thing.

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Emergency provisions courtesy of Trader Joe’s

There are all kinds of ways to eat an all kinds of things to eat. If you’re reading this you must be somewhat interested in eating right. As a rule I’m a solid fan of eating fresh, organic and clean so I’m pretty good about severely limiting processed foods in my diet. However, there are those days when emergency provisions are necessary. With that below are three things that are processed but as far as “processed foods” go, they’re not so bad. Check ‘em out!

Steamed Lentils —  You find these in the refrigerated veggie section. Trader Joes sells them under their name but other stores sell the same thing under other names. Basically they’re just steamed lentils that can be immediately turned into anything. I’ve made soup and lots of different salads with them. My favorite way to eat these little brown bits is to: toss ‘em with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic, a handful of grape tomatoes, red or green onion and little chunks of fresh mozzarella cheese, salt and pepper. Toss in a carrot to add another color and crunch if you like. Sometimes I serve on a bed or romaine. HellaYummy!

Organic Frozen Brown Rice — At first I thought this stuff was too good to be true. It’s just so good and so easy to prepare. Something about this product seemed fishy to me, so… I asked around and did some research to find out exactly that the deal was behind this stuff. What I found was, in fact Trader Joes Organic Frozen Brown Rice is just that, real rice that’s been cooked and frozen. There are no weird additives or magic involved in the processing of this item. Basically, this rice saves me from eating everything in frig on those nights when I need something fast. All I have to do it cut a slit in the bag and pop it in the microwave. While I’m not a huge fan of microwaves (that’s another story) I make an exception for this stuff. It’s my go-to emergency food. Add some veggies or simply drizzle with a little olive oil and you’re happy as a clam.

Gone Bananas Slices —  These little two bite frozen chunks of goodness are the perfect thing to satisfy your sweet tooth. I’ll admit, some times I take a tiny bit of organic almond butter and smush it on top to make for an even better, more satisfying treat. The almond butter obviously adds calories and fat but nuts are super good for you so I figure two Gone Banana bites with a bit of almond is all good!

Seriously, get some of this stuff and keep it in the freezer in case of emergency, or anytime you need something good and fast.

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Thank you 2011!

This is my last post of 2011. It’s been a wonderful year and I have you, my readers, friends and clients to thank for that.

As I sit here at my desk gulping down a Pluto’s salad racing to get everything done, I’m reflecting on the year gone by. I ask myself, “do I have an regrets?” No, never. I don’t believe in them, I believe only in opportunities to learn and make life better.

With that, I leave you a little homework assignment to ponder as you start planning your 2012. Consider what I ask, and we’ll talk more about these topics in the new year.

  • Make a list of all the fun things you’d like to do in 2012? They can be new things or things you’d like to do again. Here’s an example of 100 super cool ideas Jennifer suggests.
  • Pay it forward. Think of small, unexpected ways you can do something nice for a stranger. If you haven’t seen the move Pay it Forward, watch it!
  • Think about what you should do rather than what you should not. Same goes for food/diets. I saw Chef Alton John on TV last night. He lost 50 lbs by making a list of all the things that he should eat and concentrated on those foods. He never thought about or considered the foods he should not eat. The same thinking can be applied to anything in your life.

Again, thank you for reading my words and for playing along. I hope I’ve helped or inspired you in some small way.

Have a wonderful holiday, I’ll see you in January.


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Persimmons, some are yummy and some are squishy

My Persimmon Salad

There are two types of persimmons: astringent and non astringent. Or, as far as I’m concerned, yummy ones and nasty ones.

Astringent persimmons are shaped kinda like a heart but you can’t eat them until they’re super squishy, almost rotten. At that point you can either bake with them or scoop the meat out with a spoon and eat it.

The nonastringent variety (the yummy ones) are shaped like a baby pumpkin and have a delightful crunch and sweet spicy flavor. These persimmons can be eaten like an apple, or cut up for a fruit tray or in salads. Both versions are yellow-red to bright orange-red in color.

If you haven’t tried a persimmon I strongly suggest that you do so and now’s the time. Both varieties are currently in season but, I’d stick with the little pumpkin shaped ones commonly known as Fuyu or Japanese Persimmons.

My absolute favorite way to enjoy a yummy persimmon is to peel it, core it, slice it like an apple and toss it in a bowl with a little arugula and strips of prosciutto. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and you’re done, crazy easy and hella yummy!

In case you’re wondering, persimmons are a good source of manganese, vitamins A and C; they contain almost 4 grams of fiber and about 70 calories each.

So there you have it. Check ‘em out if you haven’t already. Do some Googling and find a recipe (here’s one for a Persimmon Margarita) or take the suggestion I made above. You won’t be sorry.