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I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it

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If you’re going to do something, anything, do it to the very best of your ability. You may find that no matter how hard you try, you just aren’t good at some things. Don’t let that stop you, do them anyway.  Just be sure to give it 100%.

For instance, I know that I can’t spell.  I have never been good at spelling. It used to really bother me. My mom was an english major in college, my step mother is a former teacher, my father is “type A” to the 10th degree and my brother has both athletic abilities and spelling skills.  It seems everyone can spell but me. If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that I can’t spell.  All I can say is I’m sorry. I wish I could spell better but I simply cannot. I’ve spent years stressing over my poor spelling and holding myself back because of it. I realize now that it’s just one of those thing that I need to come to terms with. Like having a big nose.  I’m over that too.

Rihanna (you know…the singer) says, “I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it.” I love that.  Acknowledge who you are and then be the best you can be.

Author: Kelley

It’s my hope to inspire “real people” to get off their butts, out of their ruts and on the road to becoming happier, fitter people through Physical Funness.

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