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Full Moon Fitness Walk

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Glow Sticks are cool.

I want to thank everyone who came out last night for my Full Moon Fitness Walk. We had a great turnout of all sorts of folks. Everyone was in a fantastic, friendly mood and every body did their very best, even during the ab section of the workout. I especially want to thank Shania the pooch for leading the pack and for her patience; I know you wanted to run Shania.  I’d also like to thank Mother Nature for giving us such amazing weather. The night was absolutely perfect. I hope the rest of you got out! (Huge props to my friend Michelle who suggested taking Glow Sticks along on the walk.  Not only did they help us keep track of each other but they were as fun as all get out! Pick some up for the next time you’re playin’ in the dark.  Hella fun!)

It looks like we’re in for a spell of some nice, relatively warm sunny weather, at least through the weekend. I’d say get your booty outside and get some vitamin D.  Get it while it’s here!

I’ll be back tomorrow with some ideas for fun and interesting things to do over the weekend. Until then, ponder the thought of attending my next Fitness Walk.  It’s more than just a walk.  I promise you.

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