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Stairway to your gluteus

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Running stairs is fun. I know you think I’m crazy but I like running the stairs.  Not as much as I like drinking wine and eating pizza but in terms of exercise, running the stairs has its merits.

For starters, stair climbing is extremely time efficient as it can burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes (depending on your pace and body weight). Plus, stairs work your butt, quads and hamstrings as well as give you a good dose of both cardio and strength building. It’s a double whammy.

Things to do on the stairs

  • First – get your legs good and warmed up
  • Mix it up – Jog up, run up or hop up
  • Lunge – don’t hit every step – skip a step – take every other step
  • Cross over – hit every step but cross your right leg over your left, and then your left over your right as you move up each step.
  • Side step – walk up the steps sideways skipping a step between steps.
  • Walk back down – it’s safer


  • Stand tall and bend from the hip joint. Never hunch over or swing your arms way out in front of you.  When swinging your arms think “cheek to cheek,” your fingertips should graze your hind cheek and then the cheek on your face. I learned that from my old chum Coach B. It’s very helpful!
  • When placing your foot down on the step make sure to get your entire foot on the step to avoid injury.
  • Push off from the bottom step. Think “push, push.” That too is helpful if you imagine your foot pushing your body off each step.

In case you’re wondering

  • Twenty flights of stairs is equal to about a mile, 16-20 stairs make up a flight.
  • It’s not too late to sign up the Lung Associations Climb for Air. The event is March 26th. It’s only 52 flights. That’s less than 4 times up The Filbert Steps and just a few more steps than 4 times up Lyon Street.

I hope you enjoyed my little video. That’s Diana, she calls herself The Whiner. I know it’s a little dark but we workout outside in the evenings. It was my first, I’ll get better…

Author: Kelley

It’s my hope to inspire “real people” to get off their butts, out of their ruts and on the road to becoming happier, fitter people through Physical Funness.

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