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White girl with rhythm

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I dated this nutty AfroRasta whack job a few years ago.  That’s when I first experienced the evils of a Scorpio Gemini consort.  That aside, my old friend did have some pretty funny things to say. One of them was, “wo-man, U a white girl wit’ rhy-dm!” Somehow that seemed odd to him.

Rhythm — While extremely useful on the dance floor, finding ones rhythm is extremely helpful anytime you need to keep something up for an extended period of time. I’m referring to the rhythm that helps you breath and focus as you exercise. Before I started writing this post I did some Googling for help but all I could find was a bunch of Jesus stuff (WTF?), some stuff about sex and a little about music. I read the sex stuff but not the Jesus stuff.  It was kind of annoying.

Anyway, finding rhythm is imperative to a successful day on the bike, on a run or even cleaning the house. You must get into a flow/rhythm to get anything done successfully.

Here’s what I’m thinking – Rhythm is about focus. Take my stair climb this Saturday. If I freak and get distracted, my breathing will be stressed, any discomfort I feel will be magnified and I will not be able to smoothly and efficiently complete the task of climbing 52 flights of stairs. The thing to do is to relax, and focus only on myself and what I need to do. I’ll put one foot in front of the other, find a pace that I know I can sustain and close everything else completely out of my mind. If I do that I’ll find that my body will naturally find it’s own “rhythm,” and like on the dance floor I’ll boogie up the steps feeling great all the way to the top (“great” might be a bit much).

I hope this makes sense. Finding your rhythm is hard to explain but when you got it you know it and it feels great!

Lastly, here’s what my friend Mo say’s about rhythm – You got to start at your own pace and do what works for your body.  Once you got that going on for a bit, you can try to push yourself, but if you push before you know what you are feeling you are bound to blow.  And ignore all the speedy-Gonzales’s around you.  They have their body, and maybe they and their body will be way behind you at the end (excellent point Mo!).

See you tomorrow for T Minus 24 hours…

Author: Kelley

It’s my hope to inspire “real people” to get off their butts, out of their ruts and on the road to becoming happier, fitter people through Physical Funness.

One thought on “White girl with rhythm

  1. So true, so true! I discovered that by trundling along at my own rhythm–not the pace of the stringy muscled freak show on the treadmill next to me–I was able to zone out, forget about the tenths of a mile SLOWLY ticking by and just run. Finding my natural pace made what is usually an excruciatingly boring, mentally challenging (for me, that is) activity into something that was almost pleasurable. The best part? The stringy muscled freak show tried to shame her forty-something neighbor by ramping up the speed and burned out pretty quickly. Ha. Ha. Ha. Sometimes the tortoise does win.–Guinea Pig 2011
    **Go Kelley! Climb those stairs! We’re all rooting for you!**

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