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She let the boys eat her dust


I’m not really a horse person. I feel badly that horses are forced to haul around heifers like me for the purpose of our recreation. They always seem so sad.

Anyway, in spite of my horse apathy I‘ve found myself attempting to “ride” a horse once or twice in my life. A few years ago I agreed to go on a 4-hour ride over the coastal mountains of Marin, and along the beach. Sounds like fun if you’re a “horse person” but for me it was absolute hell. I literally prayed (and I ain’t a church goer) for the entire 4 hours. After the ride my legs seized up so badly that I couldn’t get up from the dinner table. No shit. My mother had to come over, help me up and lean me against the wall so I wouldn’t fall over. Another time I hopped on the back of some poor weather-beaten horse while on vacation in Mexico. Some how I managed to spook the creature, who then knocked the 10-year-old Mexican attendant up against the fence like he was a rag doll.  I don’t plan to get on another horse. Been there done that, moving on now.

Sunday night on 60 Minutes there was a segment on a horse named Zenyatta. If you don’t follow horseracing you’ve probably never heard of her. Zenyatta is the greatest filly in horse racing history and is the most accomplished female athlete of our time. She is a queen in the sport of kings.

Zenyatta’s racing style was to start the race in the back of the pack and then as she came down the final stretch she’d fire off her rockets and pass all the other horses. They say, “She let the boys eat her dust.” Her style was graceful, kind and driven. It’s been said that she would only go fast enough to beat the boys not humiliate them. Zenyatta’s drink of choice, Guinness. No kidding, she’d have a drink with her trainer most evenings.

Zenyatta is the sort of creature I aspire to be. Watch the video even if you aren’t into horses. It’s kind of heart warming.

Author: Kelley

It’s my hope to inspire “real people” to get off their butts, out of their ruts and on the road to becoming happier, fitter people through Physical Funness.

6 thoughts on “She let the boys eat her dust

  1. What a glorious animal – thanks for sharing.

    Regarding your soreness and stiff legs – would you go run for four hours without any training and not expect to feel the physical effects? Hopping on a horse for a long time and thinking your legs will be honky dory afterwards is…naive thinking! Heck, I ride weekly and even after an hour of a hard ride (i.e. lots of work), my legs feel it. It’s like any workout! Don’t blame the vehicle.

    Horses can be amazing creatures. And like all beings, some have much tougher lives than others.

    • Good grief Madam!

      I hope my post doesn’t come across as though I blame the horses I’ve met for my lack of mastery. Quite the contrary which is why I’ve consciously made the decision to leave the horsing around to folks like yourself whom can enjoy and serve them properly.

      Yes, I agree Zenyatta is a glorious animal hence my sharing. I must also add that I find all horses to be beautiful, amazing creatures and I choose to enjoy them with my feet planted firmly on the ground.

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Ah. Got it. Thanks for the clarification.

    That said…if riding your bike made you sore and you took a tumble over the handlebars, would you not try riding that bike again??

    I’ll be the proselytizer 🙂 Horses = fun

    • I realize my writing is a bit cryptic and I do hope I have not hit a nerve with those of you who enjoy riding horses. Again I find the creatures wonderful.

      Yes Goodevil, I see your point although I deserve credit for having attempted to ride more than one horse in my life though I only listed two situations. For me riding a horse is like eating liver or drinking raw milk. I have tried it, tried it again and made my decision.

      Now, in the spirit of a good story and an attempt to be open minded it is possible, if you were so driven, that I might be talked into going for another horse back ride. If you felt so compelled to change my mind. But seriously, do you really want to put the poor horse through that?

      Honestly, let me have my bike and I’ll let you have your horse. We can’t all like the same things and I am very happy you love your horse!

  3. Hey! Remember those crazy horses we rode in Crusty Rica for our tour de hell in the jungle with those machete-swinging fellows who spoke no English? Galloping around the rainforest, leaping logs and ducking under branches was so much fun–after we knew we weren’t going to be kidnapped. Surviving that adventure made our crappy wine-in-a-box taste so good.

    • OMG! I forgot about that. My lapse of memory may have begun with The Great State of Wyoming and ended with mucho vino tinto in a box. That, and the exploding toilet. But that’s another story…

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