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Reema & CJ take August Client of the Month!

Reema & CJ

Reema & CJ

Please send a big ol’… HEY NOW! HOLLA HOLLA!!! To Reema and CJ, Motion Starved’s August Clients of the Month!

In less than two months Reema has managed to notably increase her race speed, strengthen her entire body and say bye-bye to pain from a previous injury.

CJ on the other hand has learned that you don’t have to huff and puff to get yourself up a hill, she’s gained calorie burning, luscious looking muscle mass and increased her planking time from :15 to a full :60. The best part of CJ’s progress… she’s realized that a strong core and the ability to master the plank comes in handy not only while working out, but on the play ground of life!

Thanks for all your hard work and positive attitudes ladies! You make a gal proud!

(A special thanks to Athleta SF for supplying them with fashionable prizes.)


Client of the Month

Ever notice how some of the best things happen by accident? I like to call them Happy Accidents.

Shira & Zack representing!

Shira & Zack representing!

That’s what this whole Client of the Month thing is, a Happy Accident. You see, it all started in October when Shira reported that she had lost enough weight to fit into the custom Giants World Series jacket that her daughter had given her.  Shira worked really hard, was consistent with her workouts and lost the weight just in time for the World Series. She was so happy and I was so proud of her I just had to make a special mention of her success. So, Shira became the very first Motion Starved, Client of the Month.

Don't mess with Marty

Then there was Marty. Marty, definitely gives me a run for my money (or his money rather). Since Marty has an appreciation for my creative ways, each time I meet with Marty I’m forced to dig deep into my wizardly reserves. Marty, on the other hand is receptive to anything I toss his way, even when it’s a 10lb med ball, in the mud, in the pouring rain. For that, I wanted to give him a special shout-out.  Marty then became the Client of the Month for November.

And then all hell broke loose. Dr. B started working extra, extra hard in an effort to steal away Marty’s title. Marty then went into over-drive to hang onto his coveted title. Clients from every direction wanted to know how one becomes Client of the Month. Most everyone began working harder. All I had to say was…“The Client of the Month doesn’t whine!” Magically all whining ceased and sweat started flying! Ack I thought… why didn’t I think of this earlier? This was a happy accident.

With that said, it is now time to award the Client of the Month for December 2012…

DB says..."I love doin' dips!"

DB says…”I love doin’ dips!”

I Kelley, hereby award Dr. Barbara Rinkoff Client of the Month for December 2012. Dr. B has earned this award because of the monumental change in her attitude toward working out. Her enthusiasm radiates and burns brightly with every tricept dip she takes. Keep up the great work DB! I’m proud of you!

And since I’m on a roll…

Susan's happy to be done with her workout!

Susan’s happy to be done with her workout!

I would like to award Susan Chang The Client of The Year for 2012. Susan has attended just about every single Saturday Stair Climbing Workout I’ve conducted, rain or shine, in sickness and in health. Susan comes to class and proudly works at her own pace. She never complains and when I’m not looking she even pushes the pace a bit. For that, I would like to recognize her dedication and spirit. You go girl!

And finally… Happy New Year to all, and to all, a 2013 filled with wonder and joy! I look forward to a year filled with good spirited competition, good times and good friends…