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Slow your roll!

FYI – Mr. Police Man is on the hunt in The Presidio. I was stopped twice this week for rolling through a stop sign on my bike. I slowed, but didn’t “come to a full and complete stop.”

Here’s the dirt, if you’re on a bike you are just like a car. You’re supposed to come to a full stop. Most of the time you can get away with stopping, doing a track stand (not actually putting your foot down), looking both ways and then rolling. That’s not what I did this time. I just blew right through the sign. Both times. Bad Kelley!

I’ll do better for now on. I’ve decided to think of stopping at the signs as a chance to work my thighs, core and balance. I’ll come to a complete stop, track stand, look both ways and roll. That or risk a $200 ticket.

Here are some law-abiding things to try this weekend.

  • Coyote Hills half marathon, 10K & 5K – This is an East Bay trail run that takes you over the low hills of Coyote Regional Park in Fremont. It’s a bit of a drive from SF but the weather will be fantastic and this is a great way to keep you motivated through the winter. Remember, it’s acceptable and common for people to walk rather than run in these “races.” I give all trail running/walking a big two thumbs up! This event is Saturday @ 9am.
  • Volunteer at the annual Muir Woods Earth Day Celebration. Help to restore and preserve this spectacular national park. This is a great way to get a workout and do something great for your environment. Projects include planting, habitat restoration and weed removal, mulching, tending the forest floor, and trail maintenance throughout the Redwood Creek Watershed. All you have to do is show up with a good attitude and they’ll take care of the rest. They’ll even feed you lunch at the end of the event. It’s going to be a wonderful day! Saturday, 8am.
  • Walk the Wiggle Natural History Walking Tour – Before bikes were invented, the popular Wiggle bike route was a foot trail to avoid the hills. Research suggests Mission Dolores was founded in the Wiggle and later, the city expanded to fill the valley with houses. This is a two mile guided walk investigating art, landscape and native societies. Sunday @ 11am.
  • Thinking ahead – Women’s Bike Boot camp – SF Recreation & Parks Department. Starts Saturday 2/12 and runs through 3/12. It’s $60 for 5, two-hour workshops. That’s practically free! Here’s what you get – This is a women’s-only mountain bike boot camp. Learn how to change your own tire, corner like a pro, descend and flow through the woods with confidence. This workshop will be taught by a woman to women, so no need to be intimidated! All are welcome. Even if you have experience.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday!

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Darn, I just trashed my good helmet!

Quick reminder… if you crack your bike helmet, even a little bit, it’s trashed. Whether it be from your kid tossing it across the room, or the action of you detaching from your bike, the rule is; if it’s cracked, it’s done. The helmet goes in the trash and you go shopping.  I know they’re expensive but so is brain surgery. End of story.

See below for some interesting things to do this weekend:

Presidio Habitats – This is an outdoor art exhibition celebrating the wild Presidio. It’s a free, self guided tour through the trails of the presidio. Along the path you’ll visit 11 sculptures by international artists.  It’s super cool!  Go for a walk or a run and get some culture along the way. You’ll need a map as some of the pieces are off the beaten path.  Exhibition closes in May so you have some time but don’t miss it!

Yoga Tree SF – There are a couple good yoga workshops at Yoga Tree on Valencia this weekend. Saturday they offer a two-hour Yoga 101 workshop. This workshop is great for those new to yoga as well as seasoned yogis. Sunday Yoga Tree offers a 3-hour Yin class with live music.  This class is perfect for those who use yoga as a recovery or therapeutic tool.  I attend this workshop often and find it super rejuvenating.  Click on the link for more info.

Gotta love the Sports Basement. Check out their calendar.  This weekend they offer too many interesting events to list them all.  My favorites are, a Running Dysfunction Clinic, Zumba Class & Core Fitness Class. They also offer Boot Camp classes, runs and bike rides for all.  On Tuesday they even have a “Thank Dog! Bootcamp”. It’s for you and your dog. I see some good stories coming from that! Wish I had a dog.

In an effort to support local business and get you out’a the house, I send along this link. It’s for something called Shop SF Get More.  The SF convention & visitors Bureau came up with it to get us to spend more money in the city.  It’s a bunch of downloadable coupons that will get you hefty discounts on food and goods around town.  In my mind it’s a chance to try something new.  One of the coupons is for free wine at Momi Toby’s in Hayes Valley.  I’ve been to Momi Toby’s before but not for free wine. There’s also a coupon for 20% off at Lombardi Sports. I can use that to get a new bike helmet. Get my feel?

One last thing. There will be some road closures accessing the GGB this weekend.  I’m attaching the link so you can see for yourself. It’s kind of hard to make sense of, but the gist is they’ll affect you if you are planning to drive or ride across the GGB Fri – Sun.

That’s it for this week. I’m taking the weekend off, see you on Monday.  Remember to fiber up and drink your water!