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A friend is someone you can depend on

Gracias Skinny!

Meet Skinny Scott, Mr. Skinny, or sometimes I just call him Skinny. Skinny doesn’t mind that I call him that; he knows he’s a little skinny. You should know, just because Skinny is skinny, that doesn’t mean he can’t kick the shit of the peeps down at the dojang and if you see Skinny on his bike and you’re near a hill, you should just get off and walk, cuz Skinny’s gonna mess with you. That’s what he does. He loves to hurt people on the hills, a benefit of being “skinny,” but either way, that’s Skinny’s way.

Anyhow — Skinny is my very good friend, without Skinny there would be no Motion Starved. I would not be here, nor would you. Imagine how life would be… I dedicate today, the last Friday of winter, 2011 to Skinny and to friendship.

The next time you hear from me it’ll be spring. A time for rebirth, renewal and regrowth. An exciting time full of energy, warmth, hope and endless opportunities if you’re open to them. Let us all enjoy this last weekend of winter, rest up, recover from your St. P’s Day activities and get ready, a new season is upon us!

In the spirit of friendship I want to thank all my friends (you know who you are, right?) for their support and encouragement while I venture into the world of fitness and twitter, and spewing my words across the entire universe. I wish us all a springtime full of love and adventure and amazing stories!

Thank you!

Till Monday…

P.s. “It is better to be in chains with friends, than to be in a garden with strangers.”

P.s.s. There’s gonna be a Super, Ginormous Full Moon this Saturday eve, check it out!

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Feed your soul


I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m in a bit of a mood today.  Can’t seem to find my rhythm. Not sure why, yesterday I did all the right things, ate right, had a great workout, spent time with friends but alas, today I’m cranky. Maybe it’s the nasty weather or maybe there’s something going on in my head that I can’t put a finger on. Either way I’m reminded how important it is to remain calm and to feed your soul as well as your body.

Life ebbs and flows. If you can remember and trust that than your relationships with others as well as with yourself will flow much more smoothly. Be kind to yourself when the mood calls for it, learn to forgive and be patient allowing for the waves of life to flow.

Just like anything, it takes practice to relax and live like this, but the benefits will expand your life in ways you may never have imagined. Learning to pay attention to your energy and mood is fundamental for achieving your goals. Here are some tips for finding and incorporating more of that flowing ease into your life:

  • Take note of when you’re happy – When you’re happy, life flows. It sounds simple because it is. When you’re doing things that make you happy, you open the way for even more happiness to flow into your life.
  • Pay attention to your aggression level – If you’re fighting and obsessive, you might actually be pushing too hard and pushing your ultimate goal even farther away.
  • Feed your soul every day – Make a point of taking time to get happy. Do something for someone you don’t know · Take some quite time just for yourself · Play with your kids or your pets · Pay attention to your romantic partner · Your friends · Your garden.

Remember, you can’t strengthen the body without also strengthening the soul.

p.s. Thank you Ronald from NC for your “comment” yesterday in reference to my Workin’ off my muffin post.  While I appreciate your offer “to take a ride on… (your construction apparatus?)” I feel that posting such a comment might be misunderstood by the masses. I trust you understand.

p.s.s. I love it when people send me comments. I will post them if I feel they’re appropriate.  Send what you like, either way I am sure to be amused!