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Allez! Allez… it’s Run With The Bus day!

The 22 Fillmore

Yippee! The very first Motion Starved Run With The Bus competition is here. In case you haven’t been following, we’re racing the 22 Fillmore Muni line from The Marina to Geary Street, here in San Francisco. The course is only 1.5 miles but includes a half-mile of climbing at about a 15% grade. “Ouch” is the word that best describes the climbing in this event.

At approximately 6:30 this evening runners will take on the janky electric bus. There will be spectators along the route as well as supporters on bikes to cheer us on. We have top finisher prizes and my pal Earl has built us a winners podium to insure top-notch photo ops. This is a pro operation folks, no messing around here!

With that, I’d like to take this opportunity to share a few hill running tips:

  • First of all, think “soft eyes, soft mouth, soft shoulders” when running/riding/doing yoga etc… A tense face/body is not an efficient use of valuable energy. Relax!
  • As you run, hold your arms so that your thumbs brush by, or just below your hip bones with each step. Most folks hold their arms too high.
  • Your arms should not cross your body. Think “cheek to cheek” (face cheek to butt cheek).
  • On a hill shorten your stride and pick up your knees pushing off with each step. Think, “push, push, push.”
  • Running uphill, lean into the angel of the hill. Thrust your elbows back hard as you run. Run with power and conquer!
  • Never, ever, look up the hill. Look straight in front of you about 50 feet. When you look up and see where you’re headed you panic. Don’t do that!
  • Breath! Holding your breath is dumb for all sorts of reasons that I’ll go into another day. Just remember to keep breathing.
  • Lastly, make friends with the hill. Most folks hate hills and panic when they see one. If you decide that the hill is your friend then you’ll have an easier time going up than the folks that are busy freaking out about it. Get me?

With that, we’re off. Good luck to all those participating in our Run With The Bus race tonight. I bid you a safe and speedy pursuit.

P.s. Official race report will be posted on Friday. Stay tuned…

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Walk up Wednesday

Walking is one of the quickest ways to blast up to 25% more calories and exercising outside is said to earn you up to 30%. So, ditch the treadmill get some fresh air.

My workout suggestion for today is to go for a power walk around your neighborhood. I’ve got some things for you to do so you don’t get bored and zap even more calories.

Here you go:

Warm up — Swing your arms around, front to back and across your body like you’re a crazy person hugging yourself. Circle your ankles 20 times each direction. Do a few jumping jacks, 25 should do it. This should take about 3 minutes.

The Meat of it — Start by walking at a quick, but comfortable pace that you can hold. (Keep a forward leaning position, it should feel like you have to take a step to keep from falling forward. Abs tight.) Keep walking, when you see a hill or set of public stairs, take the challenge and head up, even if it means you have to change your course. Hold your quick pace! You should be huffing and puffing your way to the top of each hill or set of stairs. If you can hold a conversation, you aren’t working hard enough.  Continue on your walk taking every hill or set of stairs you come upon. Use the down hill portions and flat areas as recovery, to catch your breath but keep a relatively quick pace. For bonus points add some triceps dips, bench push ups and or ab work at the top of each challenge. Just keep thinking of all those M&M’s you are burning off!

An hour of this and you could easily zap 500 calories!

P.s. Adding 3,600 steps to your day can help you lose 15 pounds a year! 3,600 steps equal about 1.5 miles. If you do the workout above correctly you will have covered about 4 miles!

P.s.s. Watch the above video at your own risk, it might make you a little dizzy. I know it’s silly but I think it’s funny.


Simon Says…We Won!

Team Motion Starved

Yipee! Today we played Simon Says as we traveled along on our Fitness Walk. Team Motion Starved traded commands (via our iPhones) with our friends at The Exercise Space in Seattle. “Simon Says do 20 Jumping Jacks” or, Simon Says… Lunge up hill for one minute.” The commands were doled out about every 5 minutes allowing for lots of time to walk and enjoy the scenery as well as get a little sweat on. Maybe it’s just me but I think these games are super fun. It really doesn’t seem like exercise. Today I wished we had more than an hour to play. I hope the rest of my team felt the same way.

Anyway, Team Motion Starved prevailed today, we had a small but strong group and while our competition was just as worthy they kindly gave us the win as our team had a little easier time completing the tasks.  Next week we’ll be doing another Scavenger Hunt. Scavenger Hunt #2 will involve walking, light toning exercises and hunting for items that are more interpretive than literal. Things like, find something cold, mysterious, twisted, stuff like that.  I’m gonna need to enlist some creative thinkers to help me with this round. Interested?

If you can’t join me on one of my Fitness Walks consider doing your own. Trade commands with a friend who’s walking with you, or on the phone. The scavenger hunt is fun to do either in a group or send the list to a friend far away and have them send you photos of what they find. It’s fun to see what others find.

Lastly, Thank you to my friends from both Team Motion Starved and Team The Exercise Space! Good job tonight! I look forward to next week!

Carry on…

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I am one filthy hot mess!

Since I workout outside, there’s never a time when I don’t finish a workout without some sort of chunkage attached to my body in one way or another. Along with the chunkage my clothing is always soaking wet and often salt (from sweat) infused. I look pretty bad sometimes. Today an old Chinese couple seemed very impressed with, or possibly concerned by my appearance as I bounded through my stair climbing/run. I have no idea what they said as they smiled politely and yammered, they had quite a bit to say. It was the hand gesturing that made me come to the conclusion that it was my sweat-covered body and dusting of salt that caught their attention.

My point — No mater who you are, post workout you need to take the time to stretch, eat and clean your body, preferably in that order. You need to stretch out your muscles, feeding them with oxygen rich blood to alleviate soreness, prevent injury and prepare them for future workouts.

Eat as soon as possible after an intense workout — The rule of thumb is to eat a small protein/carb rich meal within one hour of your workout. I eat as soon as I can muster the strength. This window of time is when your body is best suited to replenish what it’s used during your workout, supporting better recovery. Eat real food or suck down a “recovery drink.” I’ve used both, but I prefer real food.

Hit the showers — You stink and there’s fungus growing on those wet cloths and in all your cracks and crevices. The best thing to do is to immediately change out of your wet cloths, stretch and eat. After you’ve eaten, get in the shower and loofah up. Don’t forget to moisturize, all that sweating dries your skin.

After that I usually lay on the floor with my legs up to rest my legs. Do what you like, just make sure to be good to your body and let it recover so it’ll be even stronger for the next workout.

Ooh! Don’t forget to rehydrate with water while you’re doing the above!

P.s. If you liked this post, you may find this earlier MS post interesting.

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Happy Memorial Day

I salute you...

I trust you’ve spent your three-day weekend wisely. Meaning, I hope you’ve taken this time to get some fresh air, exercise, spend time with loved ones and enjoyed some of your favorite indulgences. No matter what they are. That, in my mind is why the Universe (or God if you wish) made three-day weekends, to completely enjoy yourself and re-charge for the next round of full work weeks.

With that, I am taking today off. Be sure I have followed my own advise indulging in bouts of insane stents of outdoor exercise, mowed down on foods that would normally be avoided, spent time with the animals I adore and with friends new and old.

In an effort to be true to this specific holiday I remind us all to take a moment to consider those we have lost and to be thankful for those special folks we have chosen to share our lives with.

Enjoy the day and thanks for checking in.  Know that I truly appreciate your taking the time to read my words…


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The Hunt Report

Bird Bath

If you’ve been following along, you know that recently I challenged a group in Seattle to a Fitness Walk completion. Our walks take place every Wednesday night at 6:15. We walk here in San Francisco, and The Exercise Space walks in Seattle. Same day, same time.

Today The Exercise Space and Motion Starved participated in a scavenger hunt. We had a list of 30 items to find within an hour’s time. The team to find the most items won the challenge. Simple as that. The only problem was that I was a team of one and they were a team of four.

At the word “Go” we were off. The plan was to send each other photos of the items found via the magic of our iPhones. Immediately my phone rang with a photo of a palm holding a pine cone, next a berry, a dead-end street sign and then, garden gnomes. Ding, ding, ding… my phone kept screaming. Yikes…I better get moving I thought. Up the hill I went looking frantically from side to side with list, pencil and iPhone in hand.

As I crested the top of the first hill (one of the requirements of 2 hills) I realized that people were watching me. I must have looked a bit odd, as I was clearly hounding around, not the normal San Francisco woman on a walk.  At this point I decided to enlist the concerned onlookers and get them to help me on my hunt. I explained what I was up to, showed them my list and immediately they were game. Telling me, to go this way to find this and go that way to find that. They seemed impressed and genuinely interested. It was heart warming and more importantly made me realize that this is the exact sort of exercise we need in order to show folks that getting fit can in fact be fun!

In the end The Exercise Space won the challenge. It was well deserved, as not only did they find all the items on the list they braved a massive rainstorm to get the job done. My kind of crew!

So, I end this report with huge congratulations to Team The Exercise Space for winning the challenge and a thank you for sharing the joy of fitness and for encouraging a world of funness.  For me, I had an amazing time tonight. There’s something about participating in something knowing that there are folk’s miles away doing the same thing. It brings you together in a way I had not fully expected.

To those of you who missed the fun tonight. I’m sorry. If you’d like to join us in the future, contact me, next week we’re playing Simon Says. If you live in a far off land, you can still play. All you need is a little phone magic!

Be well…

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Competition does a body good

A few weeks ago I got a little excited and challenged a personal trainer in Seattle to a little competition. At the time I had no idea who this woman was other that I liked what she had to say on Twitter. Yep, that’s right, I met her on twitter. Me, Kelley, the woman who only just recently opened a Facebook account and who refuses to open another one for Motion Starved. All this social media is a bit creepy, time-consuming and confusing if you ask me.

Anyway, as I was saying – I’ve committed to a weekly Fitness Walk Challenge with The Exercise Space in Seattle. From what I can tell The Exercise Space is a fitness center that offers classes and personal training. Just like me only these people have an actual address and have been in business for 4 years. Impressive, and it seems they have quite a few clients to boot. Something I’m still working to get even close to.

To be clear, The Exercise Space and I have not yet decided on the exact terms of the weekly challenge and that’s due to the fact that I’ve been lagging behind in the Fitness Walk participant department. However, once I get rolling, Dawn at The Exercise Space and I will surly come up with some fun ways to keep us all engaged and teeming.

For this week, we’ve challenged each other to a Scavenger Hunt. Each group will go for their walk on the same day, at the same time, and hunt for things on a list of 30 items. The team that finds the most things in an hour wins. We’ve agreed that the final winning team will receive a bottle of wine made locally (you can see why I like her!).

In spite of the fact that I’m currently behind in this challenge it’s been fun. Fun meeting people of like mind (even if I never actually get to drink wine with then in person). Fun coming up with new ideas and sharing those ideas with others. And like it or not, being challenged, pushed to rise to the occasion. That’s the beauty of competition, it forces you to push yourself harder or strive for more than you would otherwise.

Remember, there are lots of challenges in life, you win some and you lose some, but the act of participation is reward in itself.

Team Motion Starved SF vs Team The Exercise Space Seattle
Those of you in Seattle, check out The Exercise Space
In San Francisco, Giddy up! Team MS needs you!
For more information on joining Team Motion Starved in the Fitness Walk Challenge
check out the “Schedule” page.
Disappoint me & you’ll pay!

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Walk about Wednesday

Today I would like you all to go outside and go for a walk. Sounds simple but think about it. Many of us do very little recreational walking in our day-to-day lives. The idea is to change that. Decide that you’re going to go for a walk. Walk around your block, around your campus, around your neighborhood. If you live on a farm take a walk around the pasture. Explore the world you live in, get lost and find your way back if you dare. While you’re out there, breath in the fresh air. Look around, and notice all of the things you have to be grateful for. If you’d like, take your favorite music or simply listen to the world around you. Appreciate what you have and be grateful.

I hope you’ll take my suggestion. It’s free and it’s wondrous.


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Hey now… It’s Work Out Wednesday!

Not the duckies I saw but nice photo!

If you haven’t already guessed, I love animals. I do. It’s because they’re so simple and real. Not fake or mean, they’re intuitive and loving (even the ones that might eat you, are only doing what’s natural to them). They’re so completely sweet and real.

Yesterday, while trundling* through The Presidio, I spied a mamma duck and about 6, of her fresh, out of the shell, fuzzy-little baby-chicks. The sight was so heart warming that I nearly cried. What made me feel even sappier was a sight of a young fellow who had appointed himself crossing guard for the waddling family.  As the ducks slowly negotiated the hot asphalt, the young man stood far enough away as not to startle the group, yet keep oncoming traffic to a calm, slow stream. As I passed I asked if he would like any assistance but he declined and promised he’d see that the ducks got safely across the busy intersection and on their way to wherever they were going. As I trundled off I wondered where they might be headed, maybe to visit the Yoda fountain I hoped. They’d be safe there.

Here’s my suggestion for today, Work Out Wednesday. Go find some wild life. It’s out there. Dogs don’t count but cats do as they roam free (for the most part). Take a walk, run or a ride, go some place where you might find some critters. All you have to do is find a park. A dog park will do but while you’re there look for some pretty birds or bugs, even gophers count. There are lots of ladybugs and bees flying around these days. They all count. Just pay attention for a change and enjoy what you see. Take a second to stop and watch. This might sound silly but trust me you’ll return home feeling better than you did when you left. And, you may see something really amazing! Like my duckies!

I’d love to hear your Work Out Wednesday Wild Life Report so please feel free to share!

May the force be with you…

P.s. Tomorrow is Bike to Work Day. Mo will be greeting and feeding visitors at the Ferry Building Energizer Station in the morning. Go see her, I’m going around 8.

*Trundling is a Kelleyism for a slow run or jog.

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Eyes are a good thing!

Max Px2

This is Max. Max doesn’t know it yet but he’s destined for greatness. Given his genetic make-up Max will grow become a champion Time Trialist, Soccer Striker or Hip Hop Dancer. It’s a given.

While Max has yet to discover his destiny, he has begun to delve into the world of high style as it relates to eye protection. Let me share with you what Max already understands.

How many times have you been riding your bike or walking and experienced a head-on with a bee or some other airborne property? With all the critters and chunkage flying around in the air it’s bound to happen. Myself, I can proudly boast that I’ve survived dozens of flying critter crashes and it’s all thanks to the fact that I wear some sort of eye protection every time I set out.

If you partake in sports or basically walk around outside you should be wearing eye protection. It’s wise to protect your eyes not only from the sun but also from things that could potentially poke into them. Flying debris, elbows, tree branches, you get the idea. The best plan of action is to use lenses that have a built-in ultraviolet protection and are made of shatterproof polycarbonate. If you already wear glasses, you can have your prescription transferred to the safety eyewear for your athletic activities. Obviously the degree of eye protection you’ll require is directly related to the type of activities you are participating in.  You won’t need ski goggles to wear on a run. Technically you could wear them but why look like a dork?

Maintaining an eye-saving safety-mission doesn’t mean your civvies need suffer. These days there are many fashionable yet functional eye protection manufacturers. Do some shopping and make sure you have a pair of shades for sunny days and pair of clear lenses for rainy or dark days.

For best results choose eyewear that underscores your personal style. Max possesses a confident, brainiack, fresh, athletic “I’ll crush you in a few years” sort of attitude. With that he’s chosen eye protection that is functional as well as dashing, making a statement that supports his beliefs and active lifestyle.

Max’s moto, save your eyes and look marvelous doing it.