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The Paradigm Shift (a testimonial)

DB doin' dips

DB doin’ dips

This is Dr Barbara, aka DB. DB is my chiropractor and I am her trainer. DB has been snapping my bones back into place for years but it wasn’t until this last February that DB finally succumb to my magical ways and came out for a sweat with me.

At first DB and I worked out just one day a week at 9:30 in the morning. We would meet at a park on the top of a hill. Each day I watched as DB dragged her fleece clad body up the hill seeming to dread what she was about to endure.

Aside from the initial dragging up the hill, DB was always excited to workout and happy once she started moving. DB especially likes to get competitive, often with me and even herself. It’s fun to watch and to participate in (especially when she tries to sprint me).

Now, DB and I work out two days a week and she even manages to get herself to our workouts by 8:15 am! Just the other day DB informed me that she felt as though there had been a “paradigm shift.” She confess that until recently she really didn’t like working out but now…  something had changed. “I really look forward to working out” she said. Frankly, when DB said this I was happy to hear it, but focused on keeping her moving before she changed her mind.

While DB has always been very appreciative of me and often sends me new clients, I was especially touched by a text message she sent the other day.

“Hey Kelley.  Just wanted to tell you that you rock!!! I really appreciate your encouragement and support and positive attitude.  This paradigm shift in me is amazing and I totally attribute it to you!!!! So thank you!!!! You’re the best!”

Ah… shucks DB!


Getting sandy with Marty (a testimonial).

Just another day at the office

Today when Marty showed up for our workout this is what he found. I think he was amused.

Then I made him: run, pulling the tire in the sand behind him, hit the tire with the sledgehammer, do push-ups off the tire and run up the Sand Ladder (sans tire). Then Marty got lost when I mistakenly told him to turn left at the top of the ladder, rather than right. After that I don’t think Marty was so amused any more.

Then, when I got home I found this really nice note from Marty…
” I am really enjoying and learning from the creativity and variety of your workouts. I’m used to engaging workouts, and to some degree my body in general, in the same way you might vacuum a rug. Necessary, but not particularly interesting. But I’m finding the variety and joining of creative engagement with efficiency and effectiveness is really making me be in the workout, rather than just waiting for it to be done. As my mother would say, how cool is that? Thanks.”

Thank YOU Marty! I’m sorry I lost you today but that’s all part of the fun (I mean my creative design).  Keep up the fantastic work!

P.s. Dr. B say’s your back is getting better and I bet Heather is digging those big guns of yours! Work it!