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How happy are you?

Happiness is a warm puppy

Ever hear of a place called Sommerville, Mass? It’s a city of about 76,000 residents sandwiched between Harvard and Tufts Universities; the city is mostly blue-collar with a growing population of young professionals and academics. Sommerville used to be renowned for crime and nicknamed “Slummerville,” but that’s slowly changing.

The changes in Sommerville are due in part to the fact that the officials of this Boston suburb have decided to track people’s happiness. They want to move beyond the traditional measures of success — economic growth — to promote policies that produce more than just material well-being.

With that, they have asked their citizens on a scale from one to 10, “How happy do you feel right now?”

With this new information, city leaders are able to make decisions from a new vantage point armed with information they might not normally have.

I got to thinking and feel this is a question we should all ask ourselves and those around us. If Sommerville can make their city better armed with the “happiness needs” of their people, then why can’t we make our personal relationships and our own lives better using this same technique? It’s a question often overlooked.

How happy am I right now? I’d say about an “8.75.” What would make me happier? Basically, a smaller nose, smaller rear-end and a few more dollars in the bank. What I do with that information is for me to decide but simply asking the question has me moving.

So, How happy are you right now, on a scale from one to 10? Think about it, write it down, send it to me, or keep it to yourself but it’s a question worth asking, and answering.

P.s. Sommerville, Mass is where Marshmallow Fluff was invented. That fact has nothing to do with this post but I thought it was kinda interesting.

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Five simple things

I love the dogs!

Can you think of five things that make you happy? Five things that don’t cost anything more than a moment of your attention?

I am not asking what you think the secret to happiness is, or how to make someone happy. I just want you to think of five things that make you feel a second of happiness.

Here are five things that make me happy every single time I experience them.

  • It makes me happy when I wake up in the morning and see blue sky out my bedroom window.
  • It makes me happy to see really old people rolling along on bikes.
  • It makes me really happy to see chubby little fluffy dogs running along with their owners.
  • It makes me feel happy and peaceful when I find my rhythm, whether it’s on a run, on the dance floor or climbing a mountain on my trusty bike.
  • It makes me happy when a stranger smiles at me.

Now, make your list. Only think of what makes you happy and that’s it. Think about it all day and look for those things. I’ll bet you have a nice day.