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Thank you 2011!

This is my last post of 2011. It’s been a wonderful year and I have you, my readers, friends and clients to thank for that.

As I sit here at my desk gulping down a Pluto’s salad racing to get everything done, I’m reflecting on the year gone by. I ask myself, “do I have an regrets?” No, never. I don’t believe in them, I believe only in opportunities to learn and make life better.

With that, I leave you a little homework assignment to ponder as you start planning your 2012. Consider what I ask, and we’ll talk more about these topics in the new year.

  • Make a list of all the fun things you’d like to do in 2012? They can be new things or things you’d like to do again. Here’s an example of 100 super cool ideas Jennifer suggests.
  • Pay it forward. Think of small, unexpected ways you can do something nice for a stranger. If you haven’t seen the move Pay it Forward, watch it!
  • Think about what you should do rather than what you should not. Same goes for food/diets. I saw Chef Alton John on TV last night. He lost 50 lbs by making a list of all the things that he should eat and concentrated on those foods. He never thought about or considered the foods he should not eat. The same thinking can be applied to anything in your life.

Again, thank you for reading my words and for playing along. I hope I’ve helped or inspired you in some small way.

Have a wonderful holiday, I’ll see you in January.



Small bits that help (The Season of Eating – Navigation Tip #6)


Yowza! Two weeks from today is Christmas! The pressure is on over here for sure. I’m kinda anxious and not appreciating the feeling one single bit.

With that, here are a few things I’m working with that seem to help.

  • Things don’t have to be perfect. Life doesn’t reward you for being perfect. Life rewards you for making your best effort.
  • Do what you feel comfortable with and don’t worry about pleasing everyone.
  • Practice selective listening. Are there people in your life who never seen to be happy? Maybe they don’t realize it but they’re kinda downers. Normally I’d say ditch ‘em and find more positive people but sometimes you can’t do that. In this case, all you can do is to tune them out. It’s okay, better than letting ‘em bring you down or stressing you out. You can deal with the issue after the holidays.
  • Cool gift idea – Fill a box with dozens of slips of paper, each one detailing something you love about the person. Or if you’d rather, skip the mushy, lovey-dovey stuff and write down fond memories you have of that person (example: “Remember when you sucked the juice out of the wet nap and I almost died of dehydration?”)
  • Be kind to yourself. Take time to relax, and breathe!

That’s all I have for you right now. Hope it helps!

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Go with “naughty” this year (The Season of Eating – Navigation Tip #5)

Naughty or nice?

You better watch out!
Better not cry!
Better not pout!
I’m telling you why,
Santa Claus is comin’ to town.

Remember that song? As a kid did it make you want to be “nice” so you’d get lots of presents?

He’s making a list
and checking it twice.
He’s going to find out who’s naughty and nice.
Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town.

It’s hard to be nice all the time and frankly I think it’s okay to be a little “naughty” once in a while. With that here’s my Season of Eating Navigation Tip # 5.

  • Regifting – My thinking is, if you receive a gift that’s just not your style it’s okay to give it to someone who might better appreciate it. It’s better than tossing it in the trash or the back of the closet for 5 years.
  • Go ahead and have some chocolate. Just stick with the good stuff and the darker the better. I say, “Once you go dark you never go bark.” (Did you get that?)
  • It’s okay to decline an invitation or two during this busy time. You don’t have to attend everything you’re invited to. Why stress yourself out and others too.
  • Santa always wants to know if you’ve kept your room clean. Don’t beat yourself up if you have to let the dust bunnies build up a tinny little bit. Just don’t let it get out of control. Better yet, give yourself the gift of a maid service once or twice this season. In this case your naughty behavior ends up benefiting another by giving them work.
  • Flirt a little. Santa says to be “nice” I say tis the season for a little friendly flirting. Harmless flirting is good for the spirit and makes folks feel good.

So you see, do it right and naughty becomes the new nice. Have at it!


More bang for your buck (The Season of Eating – Navigation Tip #4)

My first dumpling

Okay, I get it! We all have way too much to do this time of year. Along with our regular duties we now have to add holiday shopping and celebrating to the list of to-dos. I don’t know about you but I’m overwhelmed and very behind.

If you workout with me you know that I like to choose exercises and activities that work more than one part of the body. Like doing squats with overhead press together.  You get “more bang for your buck” as you work the lower and upper body all at once. In my mind it’s about time management as much as it’s about getting more sweat for your effort.

With that here’s today’s Season of Eating Navigation Tip # 4 – More bang for your buck.

  • Rather than going to lunch/dinner/drinks with friends to celebrate the season, go for a hike and take along a bottle of bubbles to sip at a sweet spot in the trail. You get your cheer and exercise at the same time.
  • Gift cards are cool but why not give a friend a gift certificate to a workout class or workshop that you can attend with her/him. Give a gift and get one in return. See where I’m going with this? How about, Hip Hop, Hula Hoop or ever hear of Cocooning? Ooh…how about Massage for Couples!
  • Take your friends/family ice-skating. You can stop for a drink after. Remember, you burn more calories in the cold. If you decide to go, here are some helpful things to remember.
  • Teach somebody something. I learned to make Pork Dumplings this weekend. Rather than having a party where you just sit and eat, my friend Dora invited her friends over to learn how to make traditional Chinese Dumplings. We drank wine, ate yummy healthy dumplings, learned something cool and socialized. At the end of the day Dora sent everyone home with dumplings to enjoy another day. It was a great event and wonderful gift from Dora to all her friends. (Thanks again DL)

There you go, find ways to accomplish more than one thing at a time. Some say, “kill two birds with one stone” (but I never liked the image that congers up). You get the idea… and please feel free to share your “more bang for your buck” ideas.

Happy Monday!


It’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want to

That's a lot of candles!

If you follow along you’ll have noticed that I’ve completely slacked off this week. I have no excuse. I just didn’t feel I had anything interesting to say so I didn’t post like I usually do.

Today however, is my birthday. Normally I wouldn’t toot my own horn unless I did something amazing, but today I’m going to talk about me anyway.

Some things you need to know about me are that I have zero patience; I despise excuses and people who constantly make them. I adore animals, I eat things that are bad for me, I drink a little too much wine sometimes and I don’t play hard to get, I am hard to get. I stop listening when people talk about negative things or their shitty lives, jobs or physical/mental ailments. If I like you, I will do pretty much anything for you to a fault (hence my being single). If I don’t like/respect you, I block you out because I feel we should focus on, and spend our time/energy on/with those who offer positive experiences. I believe we should surround ourselves with friends and lovers that make our lives better and whose lives we can better. People seem to like me but I find that odd, as I am not an easy person. In the end, I feel that life is about coming to terms with one’s self and truly appreciating the gifts that The Universe gave to us.

When I say that we need to appreciate the things The Universe has given us I mean all the things. The people, the good ones and the bad ones. The nuances of our bodies, the things we like and the things we don’t. The simple things like the really chubby ladybug that landed on my pillow today and the chicken dinner I “cooked” for Jackie’s dad years ago. Appreciate the things you’ve learned and be excited for the things you will come to learn.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in my life (and I just recently figured it out) is that you must let people be who they are. If you change them, they will no longer be the person you cared for. Appreciate, and embrace the good and the bad within the people you choose to spend your time with. If you can simply not bear to let them be who they are, then let them go.

Lastly, we are in control of our lives. Each of us makes zillions of decisions every day that drive our lives in the direction they’re heading. Remember this, and take responsibility for yourself and your life.

I leave you with those words of wisdom and that lovely view into the mind of Kelley. I hope you take the wisdom part to heart…


I want to but…

That's Me & Mr. Skinny

Yesterday I read an article about how to keep people interested in your writing. It said that it’s important to let your readers know that you aren’t perfect. Nobody wants to be read about perfect people or people who presume to be perfect. Being perfect doesn’t inspire. It also said to be genuine and let your personality shine through. Thank goodness I thought, lord knows I’m not perfect and trying to hide my personality is like trying to hide my big nose.

After reading the article I did a little self-check. Do I pretend to be a know-it-all? Do I practice what I preach or am I full of shit? I decided that I actually do make an effort to follow my own advice and I think I’m pretty genuine. Last week I encouraged folks to try chia seeds even thought I hadn’t tried them myself, and in truth, I wasn’t in any hurry to do so. After my little self-check I decided I’d better get some chia seeds and have a taste. I’m happy to report that they’re pretty unobtrusive as far as taste goes and they really do expand in liquid so don’t let ‘em sit around in a smoothie or something. You’ll be sorry.

If you follow along, I tend to spout off exercise challenges and routines for you to try. Those I do try before I write them, but in some cases I don’t actually keep them up. Take Kelley’s Ab Challenge from a few months back where I published a photo of my very own abs. My abs looked pretty good at that point and I was working to make them look even better. At the time of the challenge I did keep up my end of the bargain, however since then I’ve slacked off so badly that I had to loosen my belt a notch last night. Can you imagine, a trainer letting such a simple thing as her abs go to chub? It’s beyond shameful!

As for my pushing you to try different things, get out of your comfort zone; I do try to keep up that end of things but here again, not always. Most recently my trainer friend Dawn challenged me to push my running pace by taking a minute off my average mile. I did make an effort to reach this goal but it was half-assed and now I’m ashamed of myself.

I once had a friend who I was absolutely crazy about but he had a habit of saying “I want to but…” In his case, “I want to but…” meant he’d rather be with someone other than me. To this day those words continue to haunt me. When you say “I want to but… “  You don’t get credit for saying or thinking that you want to do something.  You only get credit when you actually make the effort to do it. Remember, actions speak louder than words in everything you do.

So, I wanted us all to try chia seeds, I got on it and I tried them. I want us to step outside of our comfort zones so this weekend I’m taking a paddleboard lesson at the famed Mavericks. No, I am not perfect nor am I that interesting really, which is why I try new things like chia seeds and potentially make a fool out of my self on a paddleboard, in a wet suit that’s sure to emphasize my currently less than impressive abdominal zone.

In the end, I am not a perfect know-it-all, the only difference between some, and me is that I make the effort. “I want to but…”  is not in my phrase book.

See you Monday; if I survive I should have an amusing paddleboard report that’s sure to reek of personality.

Make me proud this weekend…

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Stretch before bed

Forward Bend

It’s difficult to get a good night’s rest or even get to sleep when you have a lot of muscle tension and stress.  A good solution to this menacing problem is to stretch before you get into bed.  This is a much better option than reaching for other sleep aids.  Connecting your breath with stretching allows your body to relax and sheds unnecessary muscle tension.  If you’re someone who tosses and turns in your sleep, you may wake up with a stiff neck, sore shoulders or back.  In extreme cases muscle tension can cause cramping in your muscles.  A simple stretching routine before bedtime may help ease these symptoms. Look at it like this; five minutes to calm yourself before bed is better than staring at the ceiling half the night.

Here’s what I suggest

  • Lying on your back, draw your knees into your chest place your hands on top of your knees.  Keep your feet together.  Circle your knees in opposite directions breathing deeply as you circle.  5 times each way.
  • Now, sit up and cross your legs in front of you.  Place your palms on the floor in front of you.  Walk your hands out as you exhale and lean forward from your hips, over your crossed legs.  Stay there and inhale and exhale a few times.  With control, roll back up to a sitting position.  Repeat 3 times.
  • Sitting up straight, extend both legs directly in front of you.  Sit tall and reach your arms in the air as if reaching for the sky. Now bring your arms down twisting your torso to the left, as you twist, place your right hand on the outside of your left thigh and left hand behind you. Hold for three breaths and then repeat on the other side. Remember to stretch your spine by reaching for the sky before you twist. Repeat on both sides two times.
  • Finally, sitting tall on the floor lean forward from the hips over your legs (forward bend). Rest your hands on your legs if necessary otherwise reach for your toes without forcing the stretch. Stay in this position for three to 5 breaths. Relax.

Now you’re ready for bed.